Atlas Reactor's Winter Update Adds New Freelancer, Extraction Mode


Atlas Reactor received a massive Winter update today, bringing with it a new Freelancer, a new mode, and the Winter-themed Snowmageddon event. The new Freelancer is a frontline fighter known as "Phaedra, The Abomination." Her abilities allow her to charge through walls and create walls that opponents can enter, but not leave. Her "Putrid Spray" ability leaves a swarm of bugs on all affected targets; if any affected target is damaged during the next turn, the swarm will become enraged and deal extra damage to that target. You can read more about Phaedra here.

The new mode is called "Extraction." Taking inspiration from the game's cinematic trailer entitled "The Case," two teams battle for control of a "mysterious briefcase." There is a catch, however, in that the player that is holding the briefcase is revealed to the opposing team.

In celebration of the holiday season, the Snowmageddon event has begun. Cloudspire is now decorated for the occasion and players will have a chance to obtain any of 25 holiday-themed Freelancer skins.

You can find the full set of patch notes here.