Bandai Namco Is Bringing Tekken To Your Phone

Tekken, one of the world's best known fighting game franchises is getting a mobile release. Bandai Namco"soft launched" the iOS and Android versions of Tekken on August 18, 2017 in Canada. No global launch date has yet been released, but if the Canadian soft launch does well, it shouldn't take long.

This is by no means the first time a fighting game was released for mobile devices. Injustice 2, and Marvel: Contest of Champions are both very success games.

I haven't played Tekken mobile yet, but if they found an acceptable way to get around the control limitations of mobile devices, then it may not be long until we see other classic franchises making the leap!

Check out the official page where you can pre-register to stay updated on the game's progress in your region. Also, check out the announcement trailer for Tekken mobile below:

  • Augosyx

    This is probably to coincide with how lacking the returning characters are in Tekken 7 and mostly gave way to newer characters in the roster. I'm not that big of a mobile gamer but with Tekken, can't resist. It's a game I've been religiously follow since Tekken 2.