Berserk: The Cataclysm's PvP Update Is Now Live


When IDC/Games revealed the Korean localization of Berserk: The Cataclysm the other day, they revealed that a large PvP update would be following soon. That update launched today and brought quite a lot with it. The MMOCCG now features a 1v1 ladder, an "official championship rating system," and more.

The 1v1 ladder is the core of this update. The team focused their efforts on creating an ELO-based ranked ladder. The current iteration features a "classic league system." Your score in a match determines how many points you will acquire. Once you have acquired the amount of points needed to move to the next league, you must win three matches to advance.

"Standard" and "Swiss" tournaments have been introduced alongside the ladder. The standard tournament features a stereotypical bracket system where the winner advances. The Swiss tournament system is the same system used for bridge, checkers, and Scrabble.

For more information, or to begin your card collection, head to the official website.