Blizzard: Elite NPC Damage In World Of Warcraft Classic The Same As It Was In The Original

world of warcraft rhahkzor eliteNow that players have had the chance to test the waters in World of Warcraft Classic, there’s been a lot of complaints of Elite monsters being “easier than they remember,” that the current Elite NPC damage values were “way off,” and that Rhahk’zor the Elite Ogre in the Deadmines was dealing a lot less damage than before.

In response, Blizzard Entertainment ran a test using both the current beta client and a working test version of the original World of Warcraft as it was in Patch 1.12.1 13 years ago. (Yup, the devs can do that.) They had a level 20 Human Warrior with similar gear and buffs take on Rhahk’zor and compared the results. The conclusion? The average damage taken during both tests was the same.

So where are all these complaints coming from? Well, maybe, as one of the Reddit responses put it, “It was harder back then because everyone sucked.” What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.