Blizzard Invites Active Americas & Oceania WoW Subscribers To The Next World Of Warcraft Classic Stress Test

world of warcraft classic night elfBlizzard Entertainment is preparing for the next World of Warcraft Classic stress test and is inviting all active World of Warcraft subscribers in North America, South America, and Oceania to help put the servers through their paces.

“For this stress test, all races and classes will be available for creation, and the maximum character level will be capped at 15. In addition to the open world, there will be instanced content available at that level. This will include Warsong Gulch for PvP as well as Ragefire Chasm, Wailing Caverns, and Deadmines. Of course, Deadmines will be a challenge for players to complete at this level.”

Blizzard urges testers to focus on the first three hours of the test and report any bugs or issues using the in-game bug reporting tool. “During this time, we’ll be looking for more issues to address under initial launch conditions.”

The stress test will kick off later this week on Wednesday, June 19th and will run until Friday, June 21st. The client will be available for download later today for those who haven’t taken part in any WoW Classic test.

Head over to the World of Warcraft Classic forums for more info.