Check Out The Contents Of This Year’s BlizzCon Goodie Bag

blizzard entertainment blizzcon blueBlizzCon is still more than a month away but fans lucky enough to score tickets to the event are probably looking forward to getting their hands on the annual goodie bag. YouTuber Panser got one in advance and was more than happy to give us a glimpse of its contents.

This year’s goodie bag contains a BlizzCon backpack, velcro backpack badge icons, a Series 4 Blizzard collectible pin, an Overwatch backpack hanger, and a Cute But Deadly Series 3 Overwatch Edition figure. In previous years, goodie bags were given to BlizzCon ticket holders when they claimed their ticket and were available for purchase by virtual ticket holders. But this year, the goodie bag will be available to everyone who wants to purchase one, regardless of whether you have a ticket or not. Goodie bags go on sale starting tomorrow, September 13th so keep an eye out.

And now, without further ado, we give you Panser and her BlizzCon 2017 goodie bag unboxing video. Check it out after the break.