Blockchain MMO ArcheWorld Launches In Q3 2022, Pre-Registration Now Open

archeworld blockchain nft mmo night city banner

Last month, South Korean video game developer XLGames revealed plans to create an open-world blockchain MMO set in the ArcheAge universe, called ArcheWorld. The game’s official website is now live with more information on how they plan to use NFTs and blockchain technology give in-game items real-world values.

“ArcheWorld is the first seamless, open-world MMORPG that utilizes NFT (Non-Fungible Token) based on blockchain technology. We recognize the users’ ownership of various items such as land, houses, pets, vehicles and gears in ArcheWorld by minting them into NFTs.”

Players will be able to gather a resource called Archeum through normal gameplay which will be the primary material used for character progression. Archeum and other player-crafted materials can then be traded for BlueSalt (BSLT) through the in-game auction house, which can then be traded for NFTs or exchanged for BORA coin.

XLGames plans to release Land and Fandom Card NFTs prior to the game’s launch. Players who pre-register for the game from now until March 23rd will get the chance to win a Fandom Card NFT that will guarantee them a spot in the Land NFT whitelist and upcoming airdrops.

ArcheWorld is slated for launch in Q3 2022 and will mark the start of Phase 2 of XLGames’ 3-Phase rollout plans. Phase 2 will include the addition ship and vehicle NFTs and the opening of the in-game exchange, while Phase 3 will introduce BSLT staking, Land NFT Rent Control, an NFT Marketplace, as well as gear and character NFTs.

The team will also be releasing actual in-game content alongside blockchain features and systems. These will include new skillsets, naval raids, marine houses, the Warborn Dwarf class, and siege content.

Head over to the ArcheWorld official site for more info.