XL Games Files Trademark For Another ArcheAge Game Called ArcheAge WAR

archeage unchained duel fantasy mmorpg art banner

A new ArcheAge game is brewing over at XL Games as the Korean video game developer files a trademark for a game called ArcheAge WAR. A similar filing was spotted by keen-eyed Redditors back in June for ArcheWar which is likely the same game and the studio just wanted to get ahead of any possible copyright issues.

There’s currently no information about the upcoming game except for the title but we do have another ArcheAge game coming our way called ArcheWorld, a blockchain MMO that promises a complete “creator economy” with real-world value assigned to items, maps, dungeons, and quests. The game is slated to launch in 2024 at the earliest.

ArcheAge | Great Prairie of the West Concept Art