Blue Saga's Source Code Has Been Released


You may or may not remember Blue Saga, a charming little indie MMORPG with a pirate theme. The game has long been plagued by downtime and slow content updates, leading to a rather small community. The solution? Release the game's source code after a small in-game event.

The explanation for this move is as follows.

As you all know the player Quacky and Natas have both collected all 20 monster cards in the "Lost Archipelago", and by doing so they've unlocked the ultimate secret!

What is this "Ultimate Secret"? Well it is the CODE of Blue Saga. Not something I am proud of, but I liked what it accomplished =D

This solution is due to that I don't have much time these days to update the game, so making the code public I hope players will take care of it.

Now you will be able to create your own version of Blue Saga, changing the balancing, quests, map, level up, PK settings, PVP on or off or even fix annoying bugs =)

But in order to keep the community and make it grow, all players will be able to use these forums and play on all different servers that will be created.

Those interested in creating—or even just hosting—their own version of Blue Saga can find the source code on Github. Its rare that MMORPGs are open sourced, so this could serve as a good learning experience for those interested in creating their own MMORPG one day. The only restrictions placed on the source code are that you don't change any of the "original graphics, logos, music, or credits" and you can't use the graphics or music in any other projects, so there's also quite a lot of modding potential.

Blue Saga v0.4 - a free indie mmorpg


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