Boundel Launches On Steam Early Access


Having emerged victorious from its time on Greenlight, Boundel is now available on Steam Early Access. With its launch come more details about the game. Like many survival games, players can host their own servers to play on their own or over a LAN. Later on, it will even feature a map editor so that server hosts can create their own worlds for players to adventure in.

The game's features include optional full loot PvP, sailing, mounted combat, spell customization, polymorphing, summoning, and more. It has quite an impressive features list. Just don't expect any quests to be available.

Boundel is only expected to be in Early Access for a month or two. The Steam store page seems to imply that all planned features are in-game and that, from here, all that's left is content and polish.

You can purchase Boundel on Steam for only $4.99. It is temporarily discounted to $3.99 for the first week. When the game leaves Early Access, the price will go up by "about 20%."