Camelot Unchained Backers Participated In A PC-Melting Stress Test Over The Weekend

camelot unchained stress test screenshotOver the weekend, Camelot Unchained backers were given the opportunity to stress test the game’s servers with a siege scenario that involved 200 trebuchets, over 800 siege engines, and NPCs. As far as stress tests go, this one was the game’s biggest to date and was designed to push the servers and the players’ machines to their limits. City State Entertainment even dissuaded players with older rigs from joining the test and warned players to quit the game if their PCs or laptops started heating up too much.

“Now, that doesn’t mean we don’t want you to come, but please keep in mind that this weekend’s test is a stress test. That means we’ll be putting pressure on the servers and on your machines. Now, we’ve had Backers come in with Nvidia 650M cards and be able to play, but if you have an old machine/graphic card/laptop, and your machine is heating up faster than summer in Florida, you should exit the game immediately. If you stay longer, don’t say we didn’t warn you.”

Unfortunately, participants are still under a strict NDA so we won’t know if anyone’s machine actually melted. Aside from trying to melt player rigs, City State has also been hard at work on improving building performance, lighting, clouds, collision sounds, projectile collisions, support classes, visual effects for the Mage class, crafting, the Ability Builder, the World Map, and much more.

City State Entertainment co-founder and Lead Designer Mark Jacobs talks about it in his End of Week Wrap Up video below. You can also check out the Camelot Unchained official site for more details.