Check Out The New ‘Key Of Ahdashim’ Raid In Guild Wars 2

guild wars 2 qadim ahdashimGet your raid buddies together because the new Key of Ahdashim raid is now live on the Guild Wars 2 servers.

“The raid takes place immediately following the events of the Mythwright Gambit raid, in which players stepped inside the Mystic Forge to help Zommoros beat back his djinn rival. Now, Qadim has invaded the djinn’s home city of Ahdashim, determined to hijack its mythical power and place himself above all other djinn. Should he succeed, Ahdashim will become a black hole of magical corruption, infecting every djinn alive — and through them the natural world itself.”

Players can also start collecting Condensed Ley-Line Essences from world bosses and start bringing them to skritt to create “shiny weapons” or to make them “even shinier.” You have until June 25th to collect those Essences so you better get started.

The cash shop has also been updated with new items including the Shimmering Skyscale skin. You can check that out below along with the official Key of Ahdashim trailer. Apart from that, ArenaNet has also rolled out a number of bug fixes and other quality of life improvements. Head over to the Guild Wars 2 official forums for the full patch notes.