Chinese Firm Shanda Develops Western-Focused Mobile Studio

The march towards more mobile games continues as Chinese game development firm Shanda announces the creation of a new Berlin-based mobile game studio called Eyedentity Mobile. Grouping Shanda's international studios, publisher Actoz Soft and developer Eydentity Games, under the umbrella of Eyedentity Mobile is part of Shanda's strategy to push more Asian-mobile games to the West. Shanda is following in the footsteps of Publisher 4:33 and Netmarble as reported earlier today.

Shanda's Marketing Director Coco Chen stated, "It is an honour for us to localize these great games for the Western market, to provide a first class translation, an active costumer and community support," and added, "We are excited to be an active part in this development and look forward to participating on the great lineup for 2015 and 2016."

Part of Shanda's strategy includes investing $30 million into eight titles, including Grand Chase M and Wonder5 Masters. Other projects are sure to be developed, including those in the Dragon Nest series.