Citadel: Forged With Fire Hits Steam Early Access On July 26th

citadel forged with fire mountainsIn this day and age, with Reddit, Twitter, and a bunch of other media sources churning out rumors as soon as they come out, games rarely pop out of nowhere and suddenly appear in the Steam store, especially not ones that look as good as Citadel: Forged with Fire. To be fair, I’m only basing this off the Steam page trailer but so far it looks pretty good.

“Citadel: Forged With Fire is a massive online sandbox RPG with elements of magic, spellcasting and inter-kingdom conflict. As a newly minted apprentice of the magic arts, you will set off to investigate the dangerous world of Ignus. Your goal: create a name for yourself and achieve notoriety and power among the land’s ruling Houses.

You have complete freedom to pursue your own destiny; hatch plots of trickery and deceit to ascend the ranks among allies and enemies, become an infamous hunter of other players, build massive and unique castles, tame mighty beasts to do your bidding, and visit uncharted territories to unravel their rich and intriguing history. The path to ultimate power and influence is yours to choose.”

The upcoming fantasy sandbox MMORPG is being developed by Blue Isle Studios, the folks behind the survival horror game Slender: The Arrival, and Virtual Basement LLC, creators of ARK: Survival Evolved, so they definitely know what they’re doing.

The game hits Early Access on July 26th and will remain in Early Access for 8-12 months before officially launching in 2018. “The Early Access version represents Citadel’s foundation, and includes a strong offering of features and content right out the gate.,” says Blue Isle. “Some features will need to be fleshed out and polished over time, but we made a conscious decision to not pursue Early Access until we decided everything was in a playable and enjoyable state. We want to work with you guys to build up from this point, using your input to guide the direction of the game’s development.”

A massive sandbox world, an open-class system, and broomsticks? Looks to me like a cross between Skyrim and Harry Potter. Check it out for yourself in the official announcement trailer after the break. You can also head over to the Citadel: Forged with Fire Steam page for more info or sign up for Beta on the official site.