City State Entertainment Announces New Co-op PvE Game Called Colossus

city-state-entertainment-colossus-announce-bannerLast Christmas, Camelot Unchained developer City State Entertainment published a cryptic poem promising a big announcement in January. Here’s the full poem, just in case you missed it:

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the net,

Some Backers were worried, had they made a bad bet?

They pledged and they waited, they hoped, and they paid,

As the months turned to years, would a game ever be made?

We promised them action, we promised them fun,

Yes, the years flew right by, but things slowly got done;

And next month they’ll know what magic we’ve weaved,

And what will come next they’ll need to see to believe!

The sky will be dark, the sky will be red,

Once everything starts, some will go out of their head;

They’ll need their big axes, and their sharpened spears,

They’ll wage massive battles, and some will shed tears;

Will this really happen? Some questioned with glee,

I will make you a promise, and that’s a rare thing to see;

By the end of next month, On darkness in night,

You’ll wage colossal battles; will you join this fight?

Backers! Prepare for the next month, our ITs will be first,

And next will come Alphas and soon from excitement, Betas will burst;

It’s all thanks to Backers for this Christmas cheer,

The battles in January should help ease your fear!

To all of you out there, from all of us here;

We hope that you have a colossally fun year!

As promised, the developers made a huge announcement during a livestream earlier today. So what’s the big news? Apparently, the studio has been working on a new cooperative PvE game called Colossus, a.k.a. Final Stand: Ragnarok, a tower defense-like game where groups of players go up against massive waves of enemies.

What about Camelot Unchained you ask? What about the backers who have been waiting for a game that has been delayed countless times? In an interview with MassivelyOP, co-founder Mark Jacobs said the studio is still working hard on Camelot Unchained and that Colossus actually helped speed up the Linuxification of the PvP-centric MMORPG. The studio also received extra funding from investors which they used to expand their team which, in turn, will help speed up development on Camelot Unchained. As for the backers, they all get a free copy of the new game. City State is also continuing to offer refunds to unhappy backers.

You’ll find the full livestream below.