Citywars Savage, an Indie MMORPG Based on a Minecraft Server, Launching December 2019

While CityWars Savage has been in development since 2017, we didn't hear about it until today. The game already has a Steam page up and is aiming for a launch in December, 2019. The game is based on a popular Minecraft server and offers open ended gameplay. Players gather resources, craft weapons, fight enemies, and even build an entire city. No word on the game's business model yet, but I suspect it'll be buy to play.

The game will have a strong emphasis on community driven content, as the Steam page reads:

Every addition inserted into the game is created and designed by the community; everyone can take part in the development! The focused type of gameplay is casual but the complexity of our game can offer great challenges for the more advanced players who desire to participate in its expansion and offer many new experiences for incoming players!

The market for Minecraft inspired games seems to be pretty saturated, especially with polished titles like Hytale coming soon. Time will tell if Citywars Savage will be able to carve out a slice of the market for itself, but I'm not optimistic.

Further reading: Steam page