Closers Launching New Playable Character Seth, "The Girl with Two Souls", On September 10

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En Masse Entertainment announced today that their latest playable character Seth, "The Girl with Two Souls", will be launching on September 10th, with a pre-creation campaign beginning on August 27. The pre-creation event simply lets players reserve a name and pre-create their character. Given that one of her forms is a 13 year old loli girl, I'm definitely a fan.

Check out the newest character in the trailer below:

Seth is a melee brawler, a delightful young woman named Anna that’s been imbued with the otherworldly powers of Sekhmet. Once the two of them combine their abilities, Seth is born and all challenges must beware of her massive swiping claws and ferocious agile attacks. More info will be revealed about her in the coming weeks!

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