En Masse Reveals Launch Date For Closers Season 3: Rogue Agents

closers sylvi screenshotClosers is celebrating its first birthday and En Masse Entertainment is marking the occasion with the announcement of the next chapter of the anime-themed MMO brawler, Rogue Agents. Rogue Agents launches on February 12 and will kick off the first chapter of Season 3 and will continue the game’s storyline following the unexpected twist of events at the end of Season 2.

“The Wildhüter team, led by Wolfgang, is now opposed to the rest of the UNION and has split off on its own. It’s up to the Black Lamb and Wolf Dog teams to try to bring the rogue agents to heel. It’s the Wild West in the Closers world and things are going to get worse before they get better.”

Aside from Rogue Agents, En Masse promises a boatload of new contents for 2019. Players can look forward to the new Tina Task Force promotion in February, new dungeons, new stories, and new characters. Bai and her Blade of Ice will be joining the Closers roster in April while Seth and her deadly claw Sekhmet will be making her debut in August.

Finally, the devs will be giving away free World Celebration Boxes from now until February 12th. The box contains 30 days Elite status, 15 days of maid service and gardening vouchers, and much more, with a total value of $40. There’s also a new trailer for you to enjoy. You’ll find that right after the jump.