Closers Task Force Veteranus Update Introduces New Character And Kicks Off Special Leveling Events

closers J anime artEn Masse Entertainment has just dropped the Veteranus Task Force update bringing with it a new character to their side-scrolling action MMORPGClosers. J will be joining the ever-growing roster of interdimensional monster exterminators and can be promoted into Task Force Veteranus upon reaching level 83.

To celebrate J’s debut, En Masse will be holding a variety of events to help you get your new character promoted as soon as possible. Players will get Veteranus Support Boxes when they hit certain levels with their J. They’ll also get special rewards for clearing stages and by simply logging in to the game.

Players with a little extra cash to burn can also purchase the J Starter Pack at 50% off from the EMP shop. The Spymaster Costume pack is also on sale at 30% off and the Spring Fair pack at 70% off. All events and discounts will run until March 25th 10pm PDT.

Check out the Closers official site for more details. En Masse has also released a launch trailer which you’ll find right after the jump.