Clubs Coming To Temtem In The Upcoming Summer Update, Here's How They Work

temtem avatars bannerCrema Games goes into detail on Discord about how Clubs (their version of guilds) will work in their Pokemon-inspired monster taming MMORPG, Temtem. A short thread on the game’s official Twitter page, neatly sums up the key points of the Clubs system which will be rolling out with the game’s upcoming summer update.

According to the thread, players will be able to form a club straight from the main menu. Clubs will be limited to 50 members who will have access to their very own private club chat and customizable banners. The first version of Clubs will be a purely social feature with additional game mechanics to be added in the future.

Aside from Clubs, the update will also feature 20 new Temtem, final starter evolutions, rock climbing, and a chat system.