Will Publish Ashes of Creation In Europe

Upcoming fantasy MMORPG Ashes of Creation from Intrepid Studios announced today that will be their publishing partner in Europe. is best known for publishing Revelation Online, Warface, and Skyforge. Ashes of Creation has come a long way since their initial Kickstarter campaign back in May, 2017.

“The team and I are excited to bring Ashes to the global stage with our partners, and Mail.Ru” said Steven Sharif, Founder and Creative Director at Intrepid Studios. “These titan publishers are firm believers in the creative vision we have for the world of Ashes and will help us make the greatest MMORPG possible.”

“We have been excited to follow Intrepid Studios’ adventures in bringing a truly revolutionary MMORPG to life with Ashes of Creation. We really love where they are taking the genre and we are not surprised their vision resonates with gamers worldwide” said Volker Boenigk, Head of Products at “We are thrilled to be able to work with Intrepid on bringing it to the European markets.”

While we've long been skeptical about Ashes of Creation, a publishing agreement with a large company like (owned by Russian tech giant definitely adds legitimacy to the game. Alpha 1 kicks off in September for backers of the game.