Conan Exiles Announces Age Of War Expansion, Chapter 1 Coming On June 22

conan exiles age of war key art

It’s the turning of an age in Conan Exiles as the multiplayer survival sandbox prepares to welcome the Age of War. True to its name, the Age of War promises epic conflicts and intense battles as an ancient empire prepares to invade the Exiled Lands.

Age of War will be divided into three chapters. Each chapter will include a new Battle Pass, offering additional free content and new cosmetics in the Bazaar. The first chapter is slated for release on June 22nd and will introduce Clan Hoards and Clan Emblems alongside various changes to weapons and combat mechanics.

For those looking to get first dibs on the new content, Funcom has just started testing the new expansion in a separate Steam beta branch today.

The launch of Age of War Chapter 1 will herald a host of features and changes that will set the tone for the entire arc. Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 will also come with several new feature additions and changes, including a purge revamp, recruitable mercenaries, and enemy AI upgrades, all of which will be building towards the release of PvE sieges in Chapter 3.

The Age of War roadmap on the Conan Exiles official site offers a tantalizing glimpse of all of the shiny new things coming to the game.