Crowfall: Take A Sneak Peek At The Fey Assassin Archetype

crowfall fey assassinThe Crowfall team released a dev blog yesterday that talks about the next planned archetype in the game – the Fey Assassin. Like stereotypical assassin classes, the Fey assassin is stealthy, fast, and deadly. Design Lead Thomas “Blixtev” Blair writes:

“The vision for the Assassin is pretty simple and is pretty much an MMO staple at this point: A stealthy, quick-attacking, stabby-stab type that utilizes poisons and has positional-based attacks; however, as with all of our archetypes, we like to spend some time making each as unique as we can. We also try to leverage a few weeks of tech time to get new features added to the combat system that can then be used across the board for all archetypes.”

The Fey Assassin is also the only archetype with wings which can be used to glide down from heights. Don’t get too excited though. With the team’s “minimum viable powers” approach to developing archetypes, “they are almost guaranteed to change!”, says Blair. They can also be removed entirely so keep your fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, watch the tanky Templar archetype in action below, or glide on over to the Crowfall official site for more details.