Crowfall Massive Reveal Day Shows Off New Graphics & More

About a week ago Artcraft Entertainment announced that something "massive" was about to happen in their upcoming MMORPG Crowfall. This announcement was followed by a week of hints and teasers, but today the "massive" news finally dropped!

Crowfall's "Massive Reveal" day comprises three major changes:

  • Races & Classes have replaced the archetype system
  • 100+ Disciplines added and available in the next playtest
  • Major graphics overhaul, also available in the next playtest

All amazing changes that should excite fans who have been following the Crowfall project since its inception in 2015. As the official post and accompanying videos describe, the new Race/Class system allows for far more character variety. The previous system locked players by archetype: if you wanted to play as an Assassin, you had to be a Fea. The new system is much more like that found in other MMORPGs, with a impressive total of 12 races and 11 classes as shown on the chart below:

The new update also adds around 100 Disciplines, runestones attached to your character, that grant specific benefits. Disciplines come in three flavors: Major (35), Minor (41), and Weapon Specialization (15) with more to be added as the game progresses. Players can equip 1 Wep Spec, 2 Major, and 3 Minor Disciplines at any given time.

Finally, the most important update for me. Graphics. MMORPGs are rarely on the cutting edge of graphics, but Crowfall's choice of going with the Unity Engine always worried me. Well, the developers have put those worries to rest. Artcraft teamed up with some of the top engineers at Unity to improve their client's graphics and performance. The team is particularly proud of the work they've done on their lighting system. Take a look at the new trailer as see the changes for yourself:

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