DarkEden: Origin Is Now Live In Korea


DarkEden: Origin, which was announced earlier this month by developer SOFTON Entertainment, launched earlier today in Korea. While DarkEden 2 is 3D, DarkEden: Origin takes the series back to its 2D roots, having been intended to fill a void in the online gaming market that is being left as more and more MMORPG companies move towards exclusively developing 3D titles.

Those of you that are familiar with DarkEden likely know that the game barely made a splash here in the West. Like Lineage and other similar titles, the game simply never took off. Amusingly, however, DarkEden: Origin's launch seems to have been fairly popular, as the servers suffered "sudden unexpected instability" earlier today, albeit the cause of the instability is not noted.

You can find more information about DarkEden: Origin on the official website. SOFTON is holding an event to celebrate the launch in which players are given one random item immediately after character creation. You can find the full list of items that you could win here.

Like DarkEden 2 before it, a Western release has yet to be announced.