DayBreak Games Announces EverQuest 2 Expansion: Chaos Descending, Beta Access Available with Pre-Order

EverQuest 2's latest expansion, Chaos Descending, is available for pre-order today and will be launching on November 13th, 2018. Anyone who pre-orders the expansion can begin playing the beta for it right away. The base version is available for $34.99, Collector's Edition for $89.99, and Premium for $139.99. Learn more about the different versions here. Check out the key features below:

  • Expanded Lore: Something is throwing the Elemental Planes of Order into chaos! Norrathians return to the planes to restore balance to the planes of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth to uncover a mystery of Celestial proportions.
  • New Elemental Planes to Explore: New zones, dungeon themes, signature adventure quests, raids, and more highlight a vast array of new story content for Norrathians to battle through. But will they gain the strengths and abilities necessary to defeat the ceaseless denizens of the Elemental Planes and the puppet master behind them?
  • New Mount Features: With the new mount equipment feature, players will now be able to get their trusty steeds geared up. Plus, mounts can now be levelled (up to 10)!

While EverQuest 2 is free to play, players need to purchase the latest expansion to gain access to it. It's more of an unlimited free trial than anything else.

Learn more from the official EverQuest 2 Chaos Descending livestream from earlier today: