DC Universe Online ‘Birds Of Prey’ Update Scheduled To Come Out In April

dc universe online comics art bannerBirds of Prey assemble! With DC Films’ and Warner Bros’ Birds of Prey movie set to hit theaters worldwide next week, it’s only a matter of time before natural that DC Universe Online would want to share in the hype. Daybreak Games’ new mini-studio Dimensional Ink announced its plans to release a Birds of Prey update sometime in April for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch.

“In BIRDS OF PREY, Oracle faces new challenges: Lex Luthor is back and more dangerous than ever, citizens need immediate help as Luthor’s plot turns Metropolis into a near lawless war-zone, and her scrappy bunch of most-trusted associates might be too busy roasting and fighting and mistrusting each other to get the job done. With time running out and a deeper threat to investigate, will Oracle be able to mold her… vibrant… friends into the new kickass team she needs? Or will the Super-Villains have their day?”

The update will feature a new large-scale episode with “level-agnostic” events, new heroes and villains, and new locales including Oracle’s Clock Tower base. Players can also look forward to new rewards, gear, styles, feats, artifacts, base items, and more.

Head over to the DC Universe Online official site to learn more.