DC Universe Online Rolls Out SHAZAM! Lockboxes, Gear, And Emblems

dc universe online shazam gearWith just over a week to go until Shazam comes out in theaters, DC Universe is already gearing up to celebrate the movie’s premiere with awesome Shazam-themed gear. Shazam will also be making his way into the game soon which is another cause for celebration.

“Shazam and the Justice League Dark are about to blast into Gotham City with Episode 34. Get ready with the SHAZAM! Time Capsule, look the part, and take the fight to even the worst magical perils this universe or any other can throw at you. This capsule, like all Time Capsules, can be unlocked with Stabilizers or purchased directly in the Marketplace. Stabilizers can be earned in-game or purchased in the Marketplace.”

Each SHAZAM! Time Capsule will contain a random piece of Shazam gear. Players also have a small chance of acquiring Enhanced Shazam gear from the time capsules. Both gear types will scale to your character’s level when consumed.

SHAZAM! Time Capsules will also contain Shazam-inspired Collection Styles and reactive Shazam Emblems. These emblems change appearance when you enter combat. Check these out in the preview livestream below. You can also head over to the DC Universe Online official site for more info. Oh, and we’ve also included the official movie trailer below just in case you missed it.