DC Universe Online Starts 10th Anniversary Celebrations

dc universe online 10th anniversary flash bannerDC Universe Online is celebrating its 10th anniversary with new anniversary missions as well as a new event and elite raid. Players can now queue for the Speed Force Flux and Speed Force Flux Elite raids from their On Duty menu.

“This year, things have changed. The vindictive Anti-Monitor is trying to free himself using one of the Multiverse’s most powerful and destructive paradoxes. Even if we win, will this new Flashpoint world prove too much for The Flash and Professor Zoom?”

Players can also warp over to the newly-updated Metropolis Anti-Matter Invasion Zone for new daily, weekly, and bounty missions created specifically for the game’s 10th anniversary. Alternatively, they can also look for “Monitoring the Situation” in their Mission Journal to activate the missions.

Classic content from the past years will also be returning to the game as part of the 10th anniversary celebrations. Rewards from previous anniversary events will also be available at a discounted price from the in-game cash shop.

Of course, anniversary celebrations wouldn’t be complete without gifts. This year’s rewards include new styles inspired by The Flash and Professor Zoom, scaling gear, Elite Commendations from previous Episodes, collectible Boss Triumph Statues from the most challenging enemies over the past 10 years, new base items, new Henchmen, new feats, and more. Player can also earn Qwardian Crowns during the anniversary event that can be exchanged for additional rewards from the anniversary vendor.

Head over to the DC Universe Online official site for more details.