Diablo 3 Launching on the Nintendo Switch This Fall

Diablo 3 is coming to the Nintendo Switch. While I don't think its the big announcement most Diablo 3 fans were waiting for, it's interesting because it's the first cooperation between Nintendo and Blizzard Entertainment in over 15 years.

The Nintendo Switch version will be called 'Diablo III: The Eternal Collection' and will be available for $60 sometime this Fall. Players who purchase the Switch version will also get a bunch of exclusives including a triforce picture frame, a Legend of Ganondorf armor set, and a Cucco companion pet. Players will be able to play online and local co-op, but at the moment there is no cross-platform play.

Blizzard already announced that they have several Diablo projects in the pipeline and while this is definitely one of them, I think Blizzard is saving their biggest reveal for Blizzcon in Novemeber. A new expansion most likely.