Diablo 3 Reveals Necromancer Lore And New Areas In Patch 2.6

diablo 3 necromancer loreThe Rise of the Necromancer update is slated to go live in Diablo 3 today, and with it, the much-awaited Necromancer class. But where exactly did these corpse-exploding dark magicians come from? Blizzard gives fans some insight into the Necromancer’s lore.

“A star has fallen on Tristram Cathedral, and the Necromancers will answer the call. You have been asked by your Master to bring rest to the dead and restore the Balance. What untold powers will you discover to aid you? What challenges will you face, and how will you overcome them? What new insights will you gain when you revisit parts of the campaign, especially when it comes to matters of life and death?

Your journey begins, Necromancer. . . To all who oppose you: beware!”

Blizzard also gives players a quick look at the new areas that come with Patch 2.6 which include the fetid swamplands of The Shrouded Moors, the subterranean caverns of The Temple of the Firstborn, and the sacred Realms of Fate. You can catch a glimpse of these new areas right after the break.