Diablo 3 Season 11 Is Coming To A Close On October 20th

diablo 3 season 11 endDiablo 3 Season 11 is in the home stretch. The season ends on October 20th at 5PM PDT which gives you a little over a week to earn those seasonal rewards. If you’re all good then you can just sit back, relax, and wait for the season to close, if not, it’s probably time to kick things in high gear.

If you’re new to the rodeo you might be concerned about what happens to your characters and your gear. Blizzard Entertainment has put together a handy guide for first-timers explaining the Season Rollover system. Here it is in a nutshell:

“All heroes, rewards, and progress will convert to the appropriate non-Seasonal game mode. Any items, gold, Paragon experience, achievements, Artisan levels or recipes, Stash space, and Blood Shards earned on Normal Seasonal heroes will transfer to your Normal non-Seasonal heroes when the Season is over. Similarly, anything you’ve earned on Hardcore Seasonal heroes will transfer to your Hardcore non-Season heroes instead.”

Conquests and Leaderboards, however, will be cleared when the season ends and will reset when Season 12 starts on November 9th at 5PM PDT.

Check out the video below for an overview of what happens when a season comes to a close. You can also head over to the Diablo 3 official site for more info.