Dimensional Ink CEO Talks Up DC Universe Online For Its 10th Anniversary

dc universe online shazam jldDC Universe Online is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month and Dimensional Ink CEO Jack Emmert only has high praises for the superhero-themed MMORPG.

“It’s pretty amazing and it’s a real accomplishment seeing all the things that the game has been through and seeing how many people are playing today,” said Emmert in an interview with GamerHubTV. “It’s a real testament to the success of the product and the power of the IP. It’s really amazing.”

A number of interesting statistics were also shared during the interview. To date, DCUO has been home to over 69 million player-created characters and has featured over 250 iconic DC characters across 39 episodes.

Emmert also attributed the game’s success to its unique gameplay and the emerging popularity of superheroes in the past few years. “It’s the only game where you can play in the DC universe as your own character. That has a lot of power and a lot of draw,” he said. “And of course, superheroes have only grown ibigger and bigger in the mainstream over the past decade so I think that really provides a great deal of staying power.”

The Dimensional Ink studio lead also teased what’s coming to DC Universe Online this year starting with the Legion of Superheroes. Emmert also said that they will continue to try to tie-in the game’s content and updates to coincide with the major DC films coming out in 2021. He also teased a “big climax” coming to the storyline by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, anniversary festivities are well underway in the game which includes a new event raid, discounted cash shop items, and anniversary gifts for players who login by January 31st. You can watch the full interview below.