Dota 2 Playerbase is Shrinking with 10.6M Monthly players, HotS at 6.5m, Smite at 2M, League of Legends at ~100M

SuperdataResearch released an interesting chart today showing Dota 2's decline since its peak with the 7.0 update over a year ago. Dota 2 peaked at nearly 14 million monthly active players with the 7.0 update and has since fallen to 10.6m monthly active users.

While Dota 2 is by no means a dead game, the trend seen above is definitely a concerning for fans of the game. To help stem the bleeding Valve released Dota 2 plus, which is an optional subscription service which includes a handful of useful tools and new progression. Many fans believe though that Dota 2 plus should have been free as it includes features more useful for new players than veterans.

On perhaps an even more interesting note, Superdataresearch released monthly active player figures for 2 other big MOBAs, Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm and Hi-Rez Studio's Smite. Heores of the Storm clocks in at 6.5 million monthly active users and Smite at 2 million. League of Legends, the juggernaut in the genre, has about 100 million monthly active users.

Source: SuperdataResearch Blog Post

League of Legends monthly player data ("over 100m") is from September, 2016. A more recent Superdata post pegged it at 102m.