Dragomon Hunter is shutting down after 17 months of service

Dragomon Hunter has announced that it shall be shutting down on June 29th, after 17 months of gameplay. PM Hisoka broke the news, saying that the decision has come after the player count has been dwindling "quite significantly" in the past few months. Aeria Games, the company behind Dragomon Hunter, has also stated that they have been having "some resources issues" on their side (likely unable to keep server costs going). These two issues has made Aeria Games decide to shut down Dragomon Hunter, but not before tweaking the game a little bit for its last month.

  • All itemmall items will be available for only 1 AP.
  • Falcon Fortune refresh will contain orange quality items, DP-Free.

Players who have registered to play Dragomon Hunter before May 20th, and who connect in June, will receive 500 bonus AP, which will be sent sometime before June 30th. The ticket support system for Dragomon Hunter has been closed.

Lastly, Aeria Games thanked the players for their continuous support over the past 17 months, and they hope that you have enjoyed playing Dragomon Hunter.