Dragon's Prophet Back in NA as "Savage Hunt"

It seems an old MMORPG of yesteryear is coming back, rebooted. Dragon's Prophet, shut down in NA, has apparently re-launched as the new game "Savage Hunt." In fact, to celebrate this launch, Savage Hunt's developers are holding a giveaway! The prize? A gaming PC, valued at 1500€. What is interesting about this particular giveaway is that gamigo AG is tying this giveaway directly into player's progression in Savage Hunt.

Players have four weeks to capture a Fabled Ancient Dragon, known as Brimstone Glow. Ever player who catches this dragon will automatically be entered into the raffle for the PC. Winners are contacted by email, with seven major rules.

1. Everyone who participates must be the 18 years old.

2. Employees of gamigo AG or their relatives and Game Masters or their relatives are not allowed to participate.

3. Participants will be entered to win the prizes mentioned in the event description.

4. If gamigo has reasonable suspicion of the violation of these rules, then gamigo reserves the possibility to exclude those persons from participating. In those cases, it’s possible to revoke prizes afterwards and draw a new winner.

5. The prize cannot be transferred to another person and cannot be paid as cash. gamigo reserves the right to replace single prizes with equivalent or superior prizes. It’s not possible to give prizes to underage persons.

6. If there are disagreements regarding the rules, the process or results of the lottery, then the decision made by gamigo is final. It is not subject to legal recourse.

7. The Data is confidential and will be handled by gamigo according to the legal data protection regulations.

Fans of Dragon's Prophet will be glad to know that their game is back - albeit under a different name. Check the trailer out down below. Personally speaking, I found it endearing.

Thank you to Zariarn for the tip!