Drakensang Online's Sands Of Malice Expansion Goes Live On February 28th

With big MMOARPG releases on the horizon like Lineage Eternal, Lost Ark, and MU Legend and existing MMOARPGs like Path of Exile dominating the genre, it is easy to forget that there's another MMOARPG that has been hanging in there over the years: Drakensang Online. Bigpoint's less popular MMOARPG based on the classic RPG series Drakensang has continued to receive updates over the year and is actually receiving a new expansion called "Sands of Malice" on February 28th.

Sands of Malice will take players to "the homeland of the faithful character Zahir," an "Arabian-themed land" that has been all but desolated. Zahir is convinced that it is cursed land, so players naturally go to investigate. Once they arrive, they will be required to investigate rumors about "an ancient power" and "a plot to free it."

The expansion also includes the following features.

Level cap increase to level 55, the new “Deeps of Demise” arena which features randomized encounters, new dungeon difficulties to high level areas, the new rune system, additions to gems, new monster types and items, higher drop chances in parallel worlds and much more.

Bigpoint Berlin Associate Producer Angelo Bod had the following to say about the announcement.

The support from our community and our moderators over the years is one of the most important reasons for our success. With this new expansion, we are taking our players on an exciting ride through an amazingly crafted Arabian setup. Our teams have worked hard to bring to our fans what they have been asking for and this marks another step in our strategy of delivering regular quality content for our players.

You can get an early look at the upcoming expansion's content in the video embedded below.