Dungeons And Dragons Online ‘Masterminds Of Sharn’ Expansion Goes Live Today

dungeons and dragons onlineAfter a slight delay, the Dungeons and Dragons Online Masterminds of Sharn finally rolls out today. The expansion is set in one of the most iconic locations in Eberron, the City of Sharn. Sharn and its magnificent soaring towers houses nine new dungeons with new dangers and monsters dwelling deep beneath the bustling metropolis.

“The artifact that protected the city of Stormreach has been stolen. You've followed the trail of the culprit across the sea to the vast metropolis of Sharn. Can you recover the Stormreach Beacon without becoming a casualty of the conflicts between the Aurum, the City Council, and the Boromar clan?”

Aside from a new location and new monsters, the expansion also introduces the new Tiefling race, new Minor Artifacts, the Inquisitive Enhancement Tree, and Guest Dungeon Masters including Maze Arcana’s Kyle Vogt and Ruty Rutenberg.

Masterminds of Sharn is available in three editions: Standard Edition for $39.99, Collector’s Edition for $79.99, and The Ultimate Fan Bundle for $129.99. Grab a copy on the Dungeons and Dragons official site where you’ll also find the full patch notes. Before you do that though, you might want to check out the freshly-released official expansion launch video below.