Test Out Dungeons And Dragons Online Masterminds Of Sharn Content On The Preview Server

dungeons and dragons online spiderweb cavernThe Dungeons and Dragons Online: Masterminds of Sharn isn’t schedule to launch until later this year. But, if you want first dibs on some of the much-awaited content then you might want to login to the preview server during the next couple of days.

Daybreak Games will be opening up the preview servers from Tuesday, March 12th to Thursday, March 14th. During this time, players can test out the upcoming Tiefling race and the Tiefling Scoundrel, as well as the new Inquisitive Universal Enhancement Tree.

Daybreak will also be holding a dev event on Wednesday, March 13th from 8pm to 10pm where players can chat with the devs to ask questions and give feedback on their experience.

Check out the Dungeons and Dragons Online official forums to learn more.