Dungeons And Dragons Online Turns 13; Sharn Expansion Pre-Orders Begin March

dungeons and dragons online 13th anniversaryDungeons and Dragons Online is turning thirteen this week and Standing Stone Games has just kicked off the game’s 13th Anniversary celebrations. Players who login from now until March 13th can take part in the Anniversary Challenge Event. Simply head over to House Phiarlan in Eberron and speak to Gnoa Bn’ford to join the fun. Players can also look forward to free gift codes starting on February 28th.

DDO fans will also be happy to know that pre-orders for the upcoming Sharn expansion will be starting in March. The announcement was made via a short teaser video which you’ll find below. The Sharn expansion is scheduled to launch in Spring this year and will feature the new Sharn – City of Towers, along with the new horned Tiefling race.