Dungeons And Dragons Online Update 57 Now Available On The Preview Server

dungeons and dragons online u52 hunter and hunted key art banner

Standing Stone Games is letting players try all of the shiny new things coming to Dungeons and Dragons Online when Update 57: Grip of the Hidden Hand rolls out on the live servers. The headliner for the update is a new adventure pack with five new missions that can be taken on at either level 16 or level 33.

In addition to the new adventure pack, players can also preview the upcoming tweaks and changes to the hitpoint pass, imbue system, spell system, and falconry mechanics. The latter has been updated to make falcons stick closer to enemies during combat, allowing them to attack much faster than before.

You’ll get to test out all of the above-mentioned changes and content on the Lamannia 2 preview server until this afternoon.

Meanwhile, Hardcore League Season 6 has officially come to a close in the D&D MMORPG and players who participated in the season can now claim their rewards in preparation for the upcoming character transfers.