Dungeons and Dragons Online Confirms Vecna Unleashed Hidden Loot Hunt Solved

dungeons and dragons online treasure chest

As with pretty much every Dungeons and Dragons Online expansion, Standing Stone Games tucked a hidden feature in Vecna Unleashed in the form of a secret treasure hunt. It’s now been a little over a month since the expansion’s launch and players have finally solved the hunt and its rewards are now available for everyone to enjoy.

“This set of secrets will remain in place!” Standing Stone said. “There's quite a bit of treasure (both Heroic and Legendary!) to be had for those anyone who reaches the end in their own time. There's a bit of epilogue you can trigger under certain conditions while talking to Steps as well.”

The studio confirmed the treasure hunt’s end so as not to lead players on, most of whom apparently expected the hidden event to be much bigger than it actually is.

“While there are still a few little details connected to it that may not be known yet, I wanted to chime in to let people know that at this time, all the major secrets connected to the Vecna Unleashed secret loot hunt have been found,” Senior Systems Designer SteelStar announced. “I know there was quite a bit of speculation about a bigger ending to this all, perhaps an extra optional in Fire Over Morgrave or something similar, but there isn’t one this time around, and I didn’t want to have you all keep looking for something that won’t be found.”

“A spectacular ending would have been cool for sure, but it wasn't in the cards for this (mini) expansion,” the developer added. “That said, responses to both the Dread and Vecna Unleashed secrets may lead to us to being able to go bigger in the future. […] Thank you to everyone who took place in this little adventure.”