EA Caught Up in Lootbox Controversy, Players Upset, Most Downvoted Comment Ever

In the past day, a regular 'ol 'shitstorm' has been a-brewing over at the Star Wars Battlefront subreddit. People have been voicing their complaints over BF2's lootboxes, and how they are supposed to have no place in a full, $60 game.

To clear things up, certain heroes and characters are locked in BF2, and you have to earn credits to unlock them. However, doing the math, a player would have to play for roughly 40 hours to reach the old amount of credits needed - which was 60,000 - to be able to play as a hero such as Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker.

After a post on reddit reached over 91,000 upvotes, EA chimed in. This led to them accruing over 505,000 downvotes and counting - the most amount of downvotes in the site's history. To understand why this lootbox issue is a problem, when no one complains about Overwatch's system, players need to understand that Star Cards are used to equip better, more powerful weapons and abilities in multiplayer. They can be achieved via lootboxes.

Lootboxes that alter gameplay of any kind have absolutely zero place in any sort of $60 Triple-A game. I could expect this from a free Eastern MMORPG, but absolutely not a game that was, gameplay wise, shaping up to be one of the best games of the holiday season.

EA has listened to the community, and has cut down on Hero credit costs massively, but this is not enough. Lootboxes still exist, and Star Cards still can be received from paid lootboxes. Remove Lootboxes altogether, and then maybe I - and everyone else boycotting this game - will think about purchasing it.