EA's MOBA Shooter Rocket Arena Has Officially Launched On PC And Consoles

rocket arena rocket pack bannerEA and Final Strike Games’ explosive high-flying MOBA, Rocket Arena, has just blasted off into PC and consoles today. The new 3v3 arena shooter features 10 playable heroes, 10 unique maps, 4 competitive game modes, a co-op mode, weekly challenges, cosmetic items, full cross-play support for PC via Steam and Origin, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and lots of rockets.

“Rocket Arena features several unique mechanics to amplify player experience, including the Blast Meter which tells players how far their opponents will fly as they attempt to knock them out of the arena. Players are also never out of the action. Once KO'd, players fly back into the arena to survey the scene and return to the fight, keeping all competitors on their toes.”

“Our game is a truly unique hero shooter that’s unlike anything players have experienced. At the surface, the fun and frantic combat is quick to grasp, but behind the curtain there is a robust, deep game that's highly competitive, full of rockets, and challenging to master,” says Final Strike Games Co-Founder Kevin Franklin. “Our EA partnership has allowed our team to realize an uncompromised vision of Rocket Arena. With their support, we've crafted a deep multiplayer game, rich world and IP that we are incredibly proud of. We already have tons of free post-launch content in the works and can’t wait to share what else we have in store for all our players.”

Final Strike promises to roll out regular content updates including three-month seasons, new characters, new maps, limited-time events, new cosmetics, and the Blast Pass. Season 1 is scheduled to kick off on July 28th bringing with it a new hero named Flux and a host of new content.

You'll find the official launch trailer after the break.