Echo of Soul Launches on Steam Early Access as Buy to Play Title

3 Years after launching on Aeria Games, the fantasy MMORPG Echo of Soul launched on Steam as an early access title today. Not sure why it's considered an early access title after being available off-Steam for 3 years, but it's labeled as such. The Steam version is considered the global version of the game and accessible by anyone in North America, South America, and Europe. Echo of Soul has 7 playable classes and a max level of 74.

Oddly enough, the Aeria Games version of Echo of Soul is free to play, while the Steam version is buy to play. It's currently available for $5.39 but is normally priced at $8.99. Given that Echo of Soul wasn't able to succeed as a free to play title, I suspect the buy to play version on Steam won't gain much traction.

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