Echo Of Soul Tries Again In China

"If at first you don't succeed , try, try, try again." What William Edward Hickson failed to mention in his famous proverb is how many "tries" is too many. Echo of Soul wants to find out. The MMORPG is returning to China after shutting down in 2015, according to MMOCulture. This time however the game returns under the ownership of a manga corporation called Mr Blue.

This isn't Echo of Soul's first resurrection. It recently took a shot at a second wind in South Korea, under the direction of Kako Games—after shutting down on October 22, 2015 due to publisher Hangames' pivot towards mobile.

Echo of Soul still exists in North America thanks to Aeria Games. Though its SteamChart numbers indicate a title which fell from grace many months ago. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try. At least, until you run out of money.