Eden Falling Sells NFT Artwork To Help Fund Its Development

eden falling post-apocalyptic mmo player housing art

Eden Falling developer Razor Edge Games has joined the NFT craze and is now selling NFT art in partnership with Epik Prime. The fully-animated artworks can be bought and displayed inside player houses in the post-apocalyptic multiplayer game and will also come with additional in-game benefits such as access to hidden points of interest and cosmetic upgrades. The team, however, assures players that the benefits won’t cross the line of being pay-to-win.

According to Razor Edge, sales from the NFTs will give them access to the necessary funds needed to finish the game. “These NFTs will grant us the freedom to create experiences for gamers by gamers, allowing us to finish creating the game that we have always endeavored to deliver – without having to compromise our quality, standards, or integrity,” said the studio in a press release.

More information can be found here.

Eden Falling In-Game Cinematic Trailer