Elder Scrolls Online Is Giving Away 100K Gold As A Daily Reward This September

elder scrolls online chest openDaily login rewards have long been a staple of MMORPGs enticing players to login every day to earn various rewards. Bethesda Softworks decided to add the feature into the Elder Scrolls Online only recently with the release of Update 18 last April. Since then players have received useful items such as consumables, Crown Crates, gold, and even pets for simply logging in. For the month of September, however, players will get the chance to earn a whopping 100,000 gold.

“If you log in for 28 of September’s 30 days, you’ll earn a colossal 100,000 gold. This is the most gold you’ve ever been able to receive for a single activity in the game (aside from Guild Trader sales, of course), and it has the potential to dramatically change your in-game fortunes!”

Aside from gold, players also get the chance to acquire two Wild Hunt Crown Crates on Day 7, three 150% Exp Scrolls on Day 14, and a Skald’s Damask Jerkin Costume on Day 21. Don’t forget to claim your daily rewards though. Not claiming a reward will halt all Daily Rewards progress.

elder scrolls online skalds damask

You can learn more on the Elder Scrolls Online official site.