The Elder Scrolls Online Will Host The Clockwork City Celebration On November 15

elder scrolls online clockwork city celebrationIf you’re fond of mechanical monstrosities and like hanging out in Clockwork City then you’ll definitely want to join in on the upcoming festivities. The Elder Scrolls Online will be kicking off the Clockwork City Celebration on November 15th which will feature double rewards within the zone. During the event, which will run until November 26th, players will be seeing double, with double rewards from daily quests, double resources from nodes, and double drops from quest bosses, delve bosses, trial bosses, and quest bosses.

You can still join in on the fun even if you don’t have the Clockwork DLC. The event runs alongside the latest ESO Plus free trial granting them temporary subscriber benefits including access to all the DLCs. If you do decide to purchase the Clockwork City DLC, the standard pack is currently on sale at 30% off in the Crown Store while the Clockwork City Collector’s Bundle is on sale at 40% off.

The Clockwork City Celebration is also part of ESO’s End-of-Year event which means that the second of the four Indrik Feathers are up for grabs. Players will get two Event Tickets during the festivities by simply completing their first daily quest. Ten Event Tickets are needed to claim this round’s Indrik Feather.

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