The Elder Scrolls Online Temporarily Cutting Back On Combat Updates

elder scrolls online saleCombat in The Elder Scrolls Online has been a product of years of changing, tweaking, and reworking and it’s gone a long way since the epic sandbox MMORPG launched in 2014. In a recent dev blog by Lead Gameplay Designer Rob Garrett, he admits that they’ve been so focused on releasing update after update that they haven’t had time to think about the bigger picture.

“[. . .] we’ve recognized that we’ve been so focused on 'the next update' that we haven’t had much time to consider and flesh out what the next year+ of combat updates should look like. We often see posts on the forums requesting further context on balance changes, and asking how they fit into a larger plan and vision for combat. While we do have a backlog of improvements identified for the game, it’s clear we could do a better job of answering those kinds of inquiries, both for the player community and ourselves.”

Because of this, the devs will be cutting back on combat-related updates while they work towards coming up with a long-term plan. “The team is currently investing a portion of its time into codifying our vision and long-term strategy for combat,” said Garrett.” In time we’ll also want to share more about the vision and strategy that will drive future combat updates. To be clear, this is simply a momentary deceleration of changes while we evaluate the state of combat and determine how to proceed.”

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